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Birthing at Birthcare

Birthing at Birthcare is free to all New Zealand residents and women eligible for free maternity care.
You'll also be given a free private room for your postnatal stay. (Subject to availability)

If you choose to have your baby at Birthcare you need to have a LMC (Lead Maternity Carer) and wanting a normal vaginal birth. Birthcare is a primary birthing and postnatal hospital. There are no obstetricians or operating theatres on site. Please speak with your LMC midwife if you have had a previous caesarean section. We encourage active birth (moving and changing positions) as well as the use of other complementary therapies. Aromatherapy diffusers (feel free to bring your oils), birthing couches, bean bags and swiss balls are available for you to use.


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We have three large rooms, all with birthing pools that have been fully refurbished (completed June 2018). Each birthing room has a fridge, bean bags, swiss balls, bead rolls and 2 of our rooms have birthing couches. To help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, each room also has mood lighting, with your choice of light colour, aromatherapy diffusers so you can add your own oils and a sound system with ipod dock so you can play your own music. You are welcome to bring along anything else that will make you more comfortable.


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Our birthing suite has specially designed birthing rooms with pools. Use of the pool during labour provides excellent pain relief. 60% of women birthing at Birthcare use water for pain relief. You may also choose to give birth in the water.


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Movement and positioning can be used during both stages of labour to help manage pain.

  • How upright positions could benefit normal labour and birth
  • What randomized, controlled trials say about movement and positions during labour
  • Evidence on birth balls
  • Evidence on dancing during labour
(Although this is US based, it is applicable to New Zealand Women as well)


Pain relief options available include portable entonox and pethidine via injection. As we are a primary birthing hospital, we do not offer epidurals or caesarean sections.


If your LMC has concerns during your labour you can be transferred to Auckland Hospital with ease (which is less than five minutes away). Your LMC can continue your care in conjunction with the specialists and midwives there.



We are a team of midwives striving to promote and empower normal physiological birth. We provide holistic care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. It is our preference to birth low risk women at Birthcare and our more complicated women at Auckland City Hospital. We as midwives, strive to protect, promote and support women's reproductive, sexual health and human rights. Our midwifery care is informed and guided by continuous education and through scientific research and evidence.


Amber Izzard

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What an amazing journey you are about to undertake. My name is Amber and I am a registered Midwife and Nurse, working with a team of midwives based in Central Auckland. I believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful experience, unique to you and your whanau. Together we will work in partnership, empowering you to make the right decisions for your care. I am able to identify deviations from the norm and can refer and work alongside other health professionals to give you and your baby the safest care possible.

I have a passion for normal physiological birth and am comfortable delivering at Birthcare as well as in Auckland City Hospital. I look forward to meeting you and your family.


You can contact me during business hours via email.




Lucy Lu

Hello and congratulations! My name is Lucy Lu and I am a self-employed midwife. I am also a mother and childbirth educator. My clinics are in Birthcare in Parnell and in Howick/Pakuranga. I value the concept of continuity-of-care, to provide empowering, supportive and holistic midwifery care in the form of partnership with women. I provide pregnancy care, labour care (on call) and postnatal care (4-6 weeks). I worked as a staff midwife at National Women's prior to becoming a self employed midwife. I am privileged to provide care for women of all ethnic groups. I speak fluent English and Chinese.


You can contact me on:

Mobile: 021 868878


Katie Wilkinson (fully booked and not currently taking any more clients)

Congratulations! Pregnancy, birth and parenthood is one of the most special, significant moments in both a woman and her family's life. I feel privileged and honoured to be able to support women throughout their individual journeys.

I work in partnership with women to provide evidenced based care throughout pregnancy, during labour and birth and postnatally for 5-6 weeks. I am passionate about facilitating the normal birth process with low risk women, and birth at both Birthcare and Auckland City hospital. Prior to becoming an LMC, I worked as a staff midwife at Auckland City Hospital.


You can contact me on

Mobile: 021 805243


Newborn crying postnatalTRANSFERRING TO BIRTHCARE

If you choose to have your baby at another hospital, you can still transfer to Birthcare for your postnatal stay and stay for up to 3 nights free of charge in a shared room.
See our Charges section for further details.




Each woman is different but if you've had a normal vaginal birth you can expect to transfer within 3 to 5 hours.
If you've had a caesarean section it can be longer but usually within 24 to 48 hours. When you are ready to transfer, staff at Auckland Hospital will contact Birthcare and let us know.
You may also contact Birthcare if you have any queries.
Please read our Transfer Criteria.



Birthcare provides 24 hour midwifery care. We have a wonderful team of highly skilled and educated staff who genuinely enjoy providing support to you and your baby.
Our staff include midwives, nurses, house-keepers, administration staff, visiting physiotherapists, visiting paediatricians and lactation consultants who will work closely with your LMC to assist you with the transition into parenthood. Our midwives are always available to help and are happy to spend as much time with you as you need until you feel confident to go home with your baby.



If you are having a surrogate baby and would like to stay with us after the baby is born, let us know. Talk to us about your unique set of postnatal needs and we'll do our very best to make them happen for you. We can apply for postnatal funding for surrogacy on your behalf.



Breast is best - but establishing breast feeding can sometimes be a challenge even when you have the best preparation and the best intentions! Birthcare has qualified lactation consultants on staff and on most shifts during your stay at Birthcare to support you with breastfeeding.



If you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding once you are home, Birthcare’s Lactation Clinic is held twice a week. You may either self refer or be referred by your LMC.

Appointments are for a one hour private consultation with a Lactation Consultant and are arranged to coincide with a breastfeed.

You do not need to have been a client of Birthcare to access this service.

Referrals may also be made during pregnancy for those women who have anatomical problems, previous surgery or who have experienced difficulties breastfeeding in the past.







Charges as from November, 2017 are as follows:

  • Free for women who have birthed at Birthcare for a breastfeeding consult
  • $65.00 for women who have had a postnatal stay of more then 12 hours at Birthcare for a breastfeeding consult
  • $80.00 for women who did not birth or have a postnatal stay of more than 12 hours at Birthcare for a breastfeeding consult
  • $80.00 for all antenatal lactation consults


LMC's can download a referral form here.


For an appointment, phone Birthcare 09 374 0800


blonde smiley mumBREAST PUMP HIRE
Birthcare also offers a breast pump hire service for those mothers who need to express breast milk. The breast pumps are hired on a weekly or monthly basis and the attachments are purchased by each mother.
- Symphony Breast Pump $40/week or $125/month
- Accessories $90 (double pumping) $45 (single pumping)
A bond of $125 and credit card details will be required.

From 1st April, 2018,  pump hire will be $55/week or $135/month.

The bond will be $135



• Lanowool breast pads $25
• Nipple shields (set of 2) $22 or $12 each
• Purelan 7g $12
(All Prices correct as at November, 2017)
We have Breastfeeding brochures on our Useful Websites and Information page.



All babies are tested at birth to see that all is well. Some of your baby’s health checks are called screening. The audiology team visits daily, seven days a week from 9.00am.
A consent process will take place at the bedside.
For more information visit



The BCG team visit newborn babies in Birthcare on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon if they have time after being at Auckland Hospital.

This service is not available at the moment until further notice

They also visit from 9am - 3pm on the first Friday of the month in the clinic rooms on level 3 (depending on referrals from ADHB).
You will be offered a BCG for your baby if:
• You or your family/whanau have ever been ill with tuberculosis (TB)
• You or your family/whanau have been in contact with a person with TB in the last year
• You or your family/whanau have lived in a Country considered at risk for TB, in the
• last 5 years
For further information, visit the BCG information page on the Public Health Service website.



Birthcare has a group of physiotherapists who are available to see women with concerns.
Physiotherapy classes are held 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00am to 11.00am on Level 1 in the Birthcare Education Room.
For more information visit


We have a paediatrician who visits daily as required.
If your baby needs to see a Paediatrician a referral will be made by your LMC.
The following links are useful if you are interested to find out more on the following:
• Postnatal distress: see
• Immunisation: see the Immunisation Advisory Centre website.


Hatched Photography has been providing a professional newborn photography service since 2007. Most new parents who contact us are looking for quick but professional shots of their newborn baby.

Understandably they often don’t want, or can’t commit to a full-length newborn session so this is a way to get a good variety of images including photos with family members at a reasonable cost without compromising on quality.



From July 1st 2013 anyone from Auckland may book a 30 minute mini session as long as the session is booked within three weeks of your baby's birth. Sessions take place at Birthcare.



As soon as possible once your baby is born. This is so that you can secure a time that suits you best. A Hatched Photographer visits Birthcare twice a week. Please make all booking enquiries at



Guests of Birthcare Parnell: Your 30 minute sitting is offered to you complimentary.

Please remember to bring your complimentary sitting voucher found next to your bed.

For Non-Birthcare guests, the 30 minute session fee is $50.

This is payable on the day of your session at Level 2 Reception, Birthcare Parnell. This must be paid before you go through for your sitting.

To ensure a fast and consistent turnaround of orders, Hatched Photography will be providing high resolution digital files only from July 2013. A referral to a top professional printing company will be provided upon purchase. High Resolution Digital Files: $45 per image. Package discounts available.


For more information on these unique sessions, please visit



midwife black topARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN LMC?


In New Zealand every pregnant woman is expected to choose a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) who will monitor and support them through their pregnancy, during labour and childbirth and for 4–6 weeks after the birth.



A midwife, doctor (GP) obstetrician or a team of hospital-based midwives can be an LMC.




  • makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • is easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in you and your baby and family
  • you want to share this special time in your life with
  • will enable you to make informed choices about your maternity care
  • will respect and support the choices you make






Recommendation by a recent mother This is an excellent method. Most new mothers would be happy to pass on the contact details for their midwife if she was happy with the maternity care she received.

Recommendation by your GP If you confirm your pregnancy by way of a consultation with your GP you can discuss your options for lead maternity care. The doctor should have contact details of midwives in the area.

New Zealand College of Midwives NZCOM is the professional association for midwives. Check out their website:

Telephone 0800 MUM 2 BE (0800 686 223) "Provided by the Ministry of Health - call and leave your contact details they'll send you a list of midwives in your area"

Nga Maia. Nga Maia is a national organisation supporting Maori in pregnancy and childbirth. You'll find contact details for a number of Maori midwives on their website:

Home Birth Aotearoa A national organisation representing the many district home birth associations. Their website provides contact details for a number of home birth midwives:

Pregnancy Forums at A great way to connect with other women expecting a baby. It's free to join and hundreds of New Zealand mums over the last 10 years have found it invaluable for information and as a place to share the excitement, joys and common (and not-so-common) aches, pains and concerns of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

The Yellow Pages You'll find lots of midwives and midwifery practices on the Yellow Pages website:

Mama Maternity provide information on how to choose and contact a LMC (midwife) in Central Auckland, West Auckland and Auckland's North Shore: or email